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Braille Transcription Center

The BTC converts books in various languages to the Braille format. This centre has grown significantly since its inception in 1999 when it started as a small facility with a simple Braille Embosser to today’s full-fledged Braille Press. As a Capital Grant, the Braille Press equipment was provided to Mitra Jyothi by the Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in collaboration with the NIVH, Dehradun.

Based on requirements from visually impaired people or from organizations like Enable India, the BTC converts Educational Books/magazines/specific articles/text books and selected items of interest into electronic format and prints it in Braille format.

More than 55,000 pages have been printed at this facility and more than 60,000 pages have been scanned and saved in electronic formats for creating e-texts in the past year alone. Books in various Indian languages like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Gujarati are printed along with English in the BTC.

Team from Accenture visiting the BTC

Braille Press at work

Significance and importance of Braille in today’s e-world:

Though the world is going more electronic each day, the importance of paper and pencil cannot be undermined in anyway. They are the first and most essential accessories to education as a small child goes to school and starts learning his/her first alphabets and writes them. Braille – writing and reading plays the same role in the world of the visually disabled. Braille opens up the world of education and knowledge to the visually disabled/impaired ;

  • Braille books form the basic building blocks of education
  • Reading and writing in Braille is what teaches spelling lessons
  • Braille is most suitable for classroom based learning and education
  • It forms the effective foundation to future education
  • It is the preferred way the visually disabled make their quick notes and prepare themselves for talks/seminars/teaching and impromptu discussions
  • While machine reading with screen reading software is good for casual reading, the visually disabled/impaired prefer Braille for studying and making notes.

There are an estimated 45 million people in the world with visual disability and one in three of them are in India. India has a population of 15 million people with disability. The only means of basic education to these people is through Braille.

Tactile Printing Facility

Tactile Pictures are images that use raised surfaces so that a visually impaired person can feel them. They are used to convey non-textual information such as maps, paintings, graphs and diagrams. The BTC has a tactile embosser that can print pictures and diagrams in tactile.

World Map in tactile print

The process of rainfall

Tactile which is a relatively new concept will be most useful;

  • As teaching aids to help children with visual disability learn about the form of various objects from fruits, vegetables, basic objects, animals to more complex maps and paintings.
  • Opens up the world of Science and Math education for the visually disabled. Right now other than basic concepts in primary school, the visually disabled are deprived of science and math education due to limitations of comprehension of diagrams, figures and graphs which are an essential part of math and science education.
  • In helping teachers who are visually impaired to conceptualize and teach more effectively
  • Tactile printing in colour a big boon to people with low vision
  • Printing greeting cards/brochures
  • The BTC also does tactile printing in colour and embossing visiting cads in Braille

Conceptualization of Angles

Understanding animal shapes and colour

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Kannada Braille Book Printing Project

Mitra Jyothi is very happy and proud to say that the Kannada Braille Book Printing Project is underway and production of many of the identified books has already begun at our Braille Press!
We have taken up the ambitious project of supplying Braille Books in Kannada for visually impaired children from rural Karnataka. This shall be a select collection of books for children, identified by Mitra Jyothi and aims towards promoting the reading habit in the visually impaired among the rural poor. Inculcating the reading habit is possible only with the availability of accessible reading material! To create and distribute such accessible material in the form of Braille Books in Kannada, Mitra Jyothi has launched the "Kannada Braille Book Printing” Project.

  • India has an estimated population of 15 million people who are blind. The primary means of basic education to these people is through Braille in their regional languages.
  • Availability of Braille books in local languages is extremely limited and is nonexistent for the rural poor. Apart from school text books, children who are visually impaired are completely deprived of reading material.
  • Mitra Jyothi has identified 50+ books in Kannada spanning various categories that are suitable for general reading for children from class 1 to class 10. These books are being produced in Braille. They shall be distributed to blind schools across Karnataka - there are about 25-30 blind schools in Karnataka that are actively serving children from rural communities. Mitra Jyothi is networked with all of them.
  • Converting a physical book to a “Braille Print Ready” electronic format is a laborious process. Each page will have to be scanned, checked for mistakes, edited for correction and needs necessary formatting changes before it can be made print-ready. Once a book is print-ready, multiple copies can be printed out on Mitra Jyothi’s Braille Press in no time.
  • Suggestions for selection of books were taken from our most awesome library members. One of our library members Mr. Nagaraj who has been using our Audio Books for studies right from his high school times and has successfully completed his education and is currently working in State Bank of Mysore has given us his suggestions for books. They range from a wide variety of topics including but not limited to biographies of great leaders and achievers like Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Louis Braille, books on our great Gurus like Sri Purandaradasa, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, books about our Fundamental Rights and Duties, Law and how it protects us, Healthcare, Recipies, Short stories from around the world, collection of proverbs, puzzles, Basavanna's Vachanaglu, life history of inspiring personalities like Saalumarada Thimakka, stories of Young Achievers, some interesting history books and of course fantasies and wonderful short stories from the Pachnatantra, Jataka Tales and the likes! Many Thanks Mr Nagaraj!

This is such an exciting project! Imagine the smile on every child's face as she/he reads through these lovely story books and goes to his/her school library to read, return and borrow another one! Simple pleasures that last with us for a lifetime - now in Braille!
Our sincere thanks to all our supporters who have made this project possible by donating generously through our Crowd Funding Initiative! Many thanks to the employees of Persistent Systems and Persistent Foundation for supporting this cause as well! As each child smiles with happiness reading her/his book - your contribution is acknowledged in immeasurable ways!
You are welcome to come and be a part of the production process by volunteering with us, come visit us!