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Independent Living Skills Program (ILS)

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Training to cook with fire

The ILS Program is the most fundamental hands-on program at Mitra Jyothi that enables the visually impaired to initiate self reliance and instil in their minds the confidence needed to do so. It is a residential 4-6 month program started in 1997 and has been running successfully since its inception. More than 500 individuals have benefitted from this program over the years and many are living independent lives while working in various government and private sectors including the field of Information Technology.


Mobility Training in Progress - Orientation and outdoor mobility

Mobility Training in progress – Indoor mobility

Enrichment - Learning craft work

The following primary needs are addressed in this program;

  • Basic home management skills from identification of grains and spices to cooking safely with fire.
  • Personality development and personal grooming .
  • Mobility Training – both indoor and outdoor mobility.
  • Reproductive health and Sex education.
  • Basic craft work like sewing, basket making, envelope making, handicraft work with paper, wire, wool and such other things that help them in their day to day lives as well as enables them to take up employment with small scale industries.
  • Need based training designed specifically for the requirement.
  • On-site “Train the Trainer” Programs conducted by Mitra Jyothi at various locations where experienced trainers from Mitra Jyothi conduct training programs to people who are training to work with the visually challenged.

Mitra Jyothi with its many years of experience of working with people with visual disability realizes the need for training them in certain basic aspects of independent and healthy living. To address these issues, Mitra Jyothi integrates the following essential training into the course curriculum of all courses;

  • ‘Mobility’ training to all students. This includes both in-door and out-door mobility training.
  • Health, hygiene and sex education classes conducted by trained health education professionals.
  • Basic English classes to address the need of spoken English, writing and comprehension skills.

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