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Educational Resource Center

Mitra Jyothi provides accessible educational and general reading material to people with visual disability. It could be in any of the need based formats such as e-Text, Human Voice, Braille Prints, Large Print or other options. The “Talking Book Library” (TBL) and the “Braille Transcription Center” (BTC) are two Programs that cater to these requirements. With this, the need of both a young school child who will find Braille books more useful and adults who may switch to audio libraries and text to speech conversion technology for faster and more efficient reading is addressed.

Talking Book Library

The TBL works on creating digital audio libraries where printed books are converted into the “DAISY” (Digital Accessible Information System) format. DAISY is designed to be a complete audio substitute for print material and is specifically designed for use by people with visual disabilities and dyslexia. The TBL has 2400+ members across India to whom nearly 25,000 cassettes and audio CDs have been distributed over the years. These members effectively utilize about 2300 “Master” digital audio books whose copies are made and distributed to the members. Apart from automated text to speech conversion of books, most of the books are converted to the digital format with the help of volunteers who read the books.

Recording by senior volunteers

Recording by senior volunteers

Editing staff at work

Audio Magazines

ERC’s monthly Kannada audio magazine, ‘Sanchaya’ provides useful information on a variety of topics, including current affairs, health and IT. 250 editions of Sanchaya have been produced so far and more than 2600 copies have been distributed to Library Members at this time. ‘Spardha Shrunkhala’, is another monthly audio magazine in Kannada that guides students on competitive examinations. More than 2,200 copies of Spardha Shrunkala have been distributed since its inception in 2014 and hundreds of students have benefitted from it.

Mitra Jyothi – Bookshare Accessible Book Project

Mitra Jyothi is proud to announce the new partnership with Bookshare [www.BookShare.Org], the world’s largest online library for persons with print disability.

Today one of the biggest challenges for the Print Disabled Indian is the lack of Accessible Reading Materials. The Print Disabled students in India do not get Accessible textbooks or reference books for their higher studies. This results in a overall lack of Knowledge for the Print Disabled..

In order to rectify this situation, Mitra Jyothi with the kind support of funders is producing Accessible versions of Textbooks and other reading materials for the Indian users.

For more information about this new project please contact the following:
Dr. Homiyar Mobedji, Country Head [India]
Benetech – Bookshare. or call us at +917875466344

Mitra Jyothi’s Contributions to Sugamya Pustakalaya – India's first and largest collection of accessible books!

Sugamya Pustakalaya is a collaborative effort of several organizations to end the book famine faced by people with print disabilities. Mitra Jyothi, a pioneer in the creation of audio books for people with print disabilities is now extending its reach to people online through Sugamya Pustakalaya! Through this wonderful initiative, our Audio Books are now available online to Mitra Jyothi beneficiaries!

So far Mitra Jyothi has contributed close to 1000 books in Kannada and English covering various topics including but not limited to text books, reference books, fiction, non-fiction etc for people of various age groups. More will be uploaded shortly. Going forward Mitra Jyothi audio books will be made available on Sugamya Pustakalaya as soon as they are created in the audio /DAISY format and are added to our collection. This should be a big help to our internet savvy beneficiaries as it ensures quick and easy availability soon after production. Books will still be sent to beneficiaries as CDs for the off-line requests we receive.

To utilize the benefit of Sugamya Pustakalaya, please refer to for more details. A onetime registration required for tracking purposes.

You can can contact us at or call us at 080-22587623 Ext: 19  for further support.