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Mitra Jyothi Team - Trailblazers at Pinkathon!

A 20 member team from Mitra Jyothi comprising of women with vision impairment ranging from low vision to total blindness participated in Pinkathon Bangalore 2018. Most of then ran 3K while a few ran 5K. MJ runners were podium finishers too! Rajini finished 2nd while Suma finished 3rd in the 3KM category. While Rajini has low vision, Suma is totally blind! What an achievement! We are very proud of the entire Mitra Jyothi runner team! Our trainees from the Independent Living Skill Program, Computer Skill Training and residents of our Center for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities participated in the event.

The Team from Pinkathon were very organized and provided the necessary training and VI-guides to support our girls! Thank you Divya and thanks to the entire Pinkathon Team!

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Mitra Jyothi is a registered trust (under Indian Trust Act) located at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka and has been working for people with disability in general and visually impaired in particular for the past 26 years.

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