Women Empowerment
With a focus on women empowerment, Mitra Jyothi has set up the "Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities" in Electronics City, Bangalore. Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities is a state-of-the-art disabled-friendly, safe and secure accommodation for working women with disabilities.

Empowerment of Women with Disabilities

Social evils are more prevalent in rural and remote areas with education levels being poor and exploitation being very high. Women with disabilities are subject to even more discrimination not only in the society outside but sadly in their own families too. Families constantly compare them and discriminate them from their siblings. They also discourage the girl child from going out of the family and pursuing education due to various reasons. People with a visual impairment from marginalized communities and financially weaker sections are highly ignorant about the options available to them. Apart from ignorance, genuine reasons for concern are the security hazards faced by girls in general and those with any kind of disability in particular.

Considering these challenges Mitra Jyothi is conducting two initiatives with an aim of empowering women with disabilities.

Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disability (CEWD)

CEWD is one of the prestigious initiatives by Mitra Jyothi in order to provide a safe and secure environment to stay in the city of Bangalore so that they can venture out and seek better opportunities in their lives.

The disability along with the lack of a safe accommodation option prevents any girls/women with disability to explore better education and career opportunities. Mitra Jyothi in collaboration with The Hans Foundation started this hostel facility, The Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disability (CEWD) in 2016. It is located in ChikkaThogur, Hosa Road, Electronic City, Bangalore.

Education Support for Visually Impaired Girl Students

Mitra Jyothi gives special attention to the empowerment of visually impaired (VI) girls through learning. Keeping this as the goal, this organization support higher education of visually impaired girls from remote villages and with poor socio-economic backgrounds. Mitra Jyothi identifies VI girls who have completed class 10 with good academics and enroll them in institutes in Bangalore for higher education. Once the girl is selected for the program, they are provided with all support like braille reading/writing coaching, assistive aids usage training, computer training, mobility, life skill aspects along with food and accommodation at our center. Through this program, we help poor VI girls get access to a good education that can help them with opportunities for a better future.

The education support along with food and accommodation facilities at Mitra Jyothi, HSR Lay out, Bangalore, helps many visually impaired girls from remote and rural locations to access higher education


  • Provide a safe shelter/accommodation for working/studying women with physical/visual disabilities.
  • Reduce the financial burden on the beneficiaries by providing the facility at very nominal and subsidized cost
  • Encourage rural women with disabilities to go for mainstream education in colleges /universities over distance education by providing them a hostel accommodation which otherwise may not be affordable for them in urban areas like Bangalore where they get quality education.
  • Encourage and attract women with disabilities from rural areas so that they enter mainstream education/career.
  • Empower educated women with disabilities to improve their employability skills so as to meet job requirements and lead independent lives
  • Provide the much needed support at nominal costs during their “Job Search” phase
  • Creating opportunities for women with disabilities from remote areas to gain exposure to urban culture and preparing them to face the competitive world

Call us or register online by clicking here to enrol for support at our CEWD.