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About Braille Equipments Facility

Braille is far more than dots on paper. It’s a technology which has evolved over a period of time to help and enable visually impaired. The technology has been used for making braille equipment which helps visually impaired in their daily lives. We have in our stock a number of Braille Equipment. Our VI friends and beneficiaries can use them as per their need. They are listed below;

1. German Braille Slate with Stylus: The Full-page Braille slate is designed for use by individuals who are blind or who have low vision. The slate has an Aluminium base with durable plastic flap over it. It has 27 lines. German braille slate is a writing aid designed to write without having to move the slate or adjust the paper. It’s a wonderful equipment to take notes. The stylus has a cover to protect from pricking and it can be conveniently carried along anywhere.

2. Signature Guide: Signature guide is a plate which has a cut out window to sign in so that the signature stays in place. One needs to put the window of the signature guide over the signature line and then sign. It can be carried along anywhere. It’s a very helpful equipment as earlier VI used thumb impressions for official purposes. We have two types of Signature guide. They are Aluminium Signature Guide and Plastic Signature Guide.

3. Abacus: Abacus is a calculating equipment for math. It’s very helpful for all students alike. VI kids also face challenges in math calculations as normal kids do. Abacus in Braille helps VI kids to practice math calculation. Braille abacus has durable plastic frame with thirteen columns of beads. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions can all be performed on this nifty device.

4. White Cane (Foldable and non-foldable) : It’s a slender and strong white stick which is very helpful for VI people to navigate through the obstacles on a street. Also, the colour of cane is white so it easy for people on the street to identify a blind person and help them.

5. Measuring Tape : We have a five foot nylon measuring tape. Each inch of the tape has been marked with a stepler pin. It is very useful in measuring anything and everything.

6. Ruler : We have two variety of one foot ruler. It has embossed dots at every half inch and one inch. One ruler include both embossed dots and a regular number. These rulers are very easy to use. Its aids in doing accurate measurements to its users.

7. Geometry Device : Our Braille Geometrical Device is an excellent learning tool for blind students who wants to learn about geometry, mathematics or engineering. Our Geometrical Device helps the students to comprehend the mathematical concepts. It comprises of Spur Wheel Sets and Divider with a Met Board, a compass, a ruler, a protractor with a swing arm, set squares, all with small dots depicted in braille. The spur wheel in our Geometrical Device is used to emboss lines on the either side of the paper. All its pieces are heavy duty, sturdy and well made.

8. Draft/Drawing Board : The drawing board makes it easy to draw and write. The board has a raised wooden outline which helps in keeping the paper in place.

9. Taylor Frame (Small & Big) : This frame is suitable for teaching arithmetic to visually impaired persons. The surface of this aluminum frame is divided into star shaped holes thus allowing the double-ended metal type pawns to be placed in different positions according to a set system. We have this in two sizes.

10. Peg in Puzzle : Peg in Puzzle is another such solo game which is very occupying and a brain teaser. It’s is a very interesting game which has pawns which needs to be played in certain pattern.

11. Peg Board : Sometimes, we are alone and in those moments when there's nothing to do and there is no one to do it with, the solo board games really come in handy. Peg boards is one such game which can be really occupying while traveling or when we are home alone.

12. Central Peg Board : Central Peg Board Game is played by a single player and involves the movement of a peg on a board with holes. The Braille Peg Board Game is basically designed for developing the problem solving ability in children and for enhancing their concentration power.

13. Cross Puzzle : Braille Crossword Puzzle Game allows users to creatively form words on a wooden board using plastic tiles that have raised tactile letters as well as raised tactile Braille. It's a great way for low vision and blind children to learn Braille letters while practicing letter combinations and exploring word creation. It is very similar to the popular board game Scrabble, but without a set point scoring system.

14. Cricket Ball: Cricket is a very famous sport in our country. Blind kids also love to play cricket with an audible ball which has bells inside it. Blind cricket is a version of cricket adapted for blind and partially sighted players. It has been governed by the World Blind Cricket Council since 1996. So far, five Blind World Cups have been held.

15. Snake & Ladder : Snake & Ladder is every kid’s favourite. All of us have grown up playing this game. This new braille Snake & Ladder is very beautiful and convenient. It has a range of snakes and ladders which are tactile and visually enhanced. It has 100 squares. Also, tactile pegs are coloured and easy to play. The wooden dice is also very nice. It’s a fixed with wooden board which can be rotated with hand and stopped with lever. The dice is embossed so it can be read easily. Since the dice is fixed so one doesn’t have to worry about getting it lost.

16. Pocket Frame & Stylus ( 5 lines and 7 lines) : Braille pocket frames are very handy metallic frames to take notes. It offers VI persons the convenience to write. The Braille Writing Frames accurately produce dots on the other side of the paper. We provide the Braille Writing Frames in different sizes.

17. Playing Cards : The deck of playing card includes 54 premium-plastic cards. Cards sport Braille on two corners, and full-colour printing. It’s a very handy game to be carried along anywhere. One can play this game with sighted friends as well.

18. Chess Board : Chess has been recognized as a tool to aid the intellectual development since a long time. Braille chess has also been developed and used widely keeping that in mind. This Checkered board game is played by two people. Braille chess is a wooden playing board with wooden pawns. Each white piece has a tactile dot on top such that it can be easily differentiated with brown pawns. Playing pieces are shaped differently to aid in identification. A peg on the bottom of each piece fits snugly into the board, so they can be felt during game-play. Brown squares on the board are raised to help track pawns.

All the above mentioned Braille Equipment are available at Mitra Jyothi. Our VI friends can get it by contacting our office.

*Tactile : It’s an embossed form of marking for VI to touch, feel and understand

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