Industry Mitra – An audio magazine specially developed for our Visually Impaired friends | Mitra Jyothi

Industry Mitra – An audio magazine specially developed for our Visually Impaired friends

Industry Mitra - Mitra Jyothi’s quarterly audio magazine aims to familiarize the visually impaired listeners with the different industries in the country; their impact and scale, background, government policies, employment opportunities for the persons with disabilities across different industries and some inspiring success stories. This quarterly magazine is being published in DAISY/Digital Accessible Book format for special distribution among visually impaired and people with other print disabilities. It also covers some book references at the end of each issue.

To date, there are a total of 8 issues of the magazine available on the internet. You can access all the issues of Industry Mitra through

The first issue was published in 2019 (January – March) and talks about the Banking Sector. This issue contains significant information about the banking industry starting from its evolution to its current status as the biggest functional industry in the country. It discusses in detail different types of banks such as commercial banks and investment banks and about their functions and services. It also talks about various banking schemes introduced by the government for the betterment of the citizens. At the end, the first issue shares the success story of Mr. Ashish Goyal who was rejected after appearing in an interview because of his vison challenges and years later ended up successfully working in ‘Morgan Stanley’, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company.

The second issue of Industry Mitra (April – June 2019), discusses the IT Sector in the country. This issue starts by discussing the emergence and growth of the IT industry in India, followed by the immigration law modifications in the USA. It covers in detail the major IT companies in India, their emergence, functions, business opportunities, presence abroad and employment opportunities.

The third issue of the magazine (July – September 2019) shares the details of the Media and Entertainment Industry in India. In this issue, both larger (Television, Print and Films) and smaller segments (Radio and OTT platforms) of entertainment media are discussed in detail. It talks about different types of media, their origin, development and revolutionary contributions in several social and cultural developments. This issue also discusses the revolutionary changes brought about by the internet technologies to make entertainment media accessible for all, especially visually challenged people.

The fourth issue of the magazine (October – December 2019) provides details about the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. This issue talks about the emergence of this industry as a business sector in the country, policies and highlights of Indian tourism, etc. It details the structure and various segments of this industrial sector.

The fifth issue of the magazine (January – March 2020) discusses Entrepreneurship. It talks mainly about micro and small enterprises like startup companies; what are the technical and legal requirements to start an enterprise, how it works, what are the strengths and challenges of the sector etc. The role of entrepreneurship in creating employment opportunities is also detailed in this issue.

The sixth issue of Industry Mitra (April – June 2020) talks about the Healthcare Industry. It discusses in detail the various segments of this industry such as medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment.

The seventh issue of the magazine (July – September 2020) discusses the Education and Training Industries in India. It talks in detail about the different levels and scales of education systems in India, various education polices, the present situation and future scope of the Education industry, especially higher education in the country, etc.

The eighth edition of the magazine (October - December 2020) provides details about the service sector in India, where this sector is considered as growing the fastest in the world. It discusses in detail the various service sectors functioning in the country, their role in the development and growth of the country and also about various government initiatives implemented for the growth of this sector.

We are sure that this will help our friends to get a grip around different industries and will be a good read for knowledge gain!!!

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