Art is about more than what you can see…. | Mitra Jyothi

Art is about more than what you can see….

The value of art goes beyond the paints, the colours or the canvas… the value of art is in the connection between the individual and the piece, no matter their physical ability………

On 9th April 2021, WinVinaya Foundation, along with Mitra Jyothi, organised a painting event for visually challenged people as a part of an initiative “Art in the Dark – MYTH BUSTER SERIES”. “Art in the Dark” is the second WinVinaya Utsav event to enable an inclusive society, and they partnered with Mitra Jyothi for this initiative. This event was organised by exploring the 3D objects around the visually impaired by the touch and feel method. The WinVinaya team gave them instructions, ideas, and materials for them to create a visual painting to express how they perceive that object.

They started the event by exploring the garden area at Mitra Jyothi along with the participants so that they can have a fresh sense of nature in the form of trees, leaves flowers etc. Later, they were provided with accessories for doing painting such as colors, sponge, canvas etc.

Since this is the first time experience each participant were assigned a buddy to guide them as well. At first, the participants were instructed to make some structures in the scenery like tree, branches so that they could touch and identify different components in the scenery and could give appropriate colors.
The Winvinaya & Mitra Jyothi teams guided and helped the participants to use different painting techniques such as how to do painting using the fingers etc. Each participant put up their own imaginations in their painting, which made that paintings extra ordinary.

There is a general perception of the common world that, Person with Visual Impairment cannot do Visual Arts. By breaking that perception, all the participants put up an extraordinary performance and came up with very beautiful painted sceneries.

One of the participants Roshini says, “When I came to know about this painting event, I was really confused…how can I do a painting? I had only heard about paintings; I could never imagine how a painting would appear….”

Roshini had participated in other creativity events, like clay modelling, but making a painting was beyond her imagination. When she learned about this painting event, she was curious about how the organizers would teach the participants to paint.

She says, “It was such a wonderful experience when I first touched the canvas and felt the scenery on it…my hands started shivering when I touched the painting colours for first time in my life. I can’t express in words my happiness when I picked up different colours with my fingers as suggested by the teachers. Everybody said my painting looks amazing, and now I can imagine that scenery in my mind. I really enjoyed the painting event throughout. It was such a proud feeling for me when I shared my painting with my family and friends who can see it…”
She says now she has the confidence that she can come up more painting work through the techniques learnt. One of the buddy who supported as a guide for a girl stated that “I have learnt how the impossible can be made possible”.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for all…

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