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Mitra Jyothi Teachers Day 2018

Sri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan once said “Knowledge gives us power”. Mitra Jyothi also believes in that and has been supporting and empowering thousands of visually impaired people since 1990. Students at Mitra Jyoti also organised ‘Teachers Day’ to mark the birthday of our ex President Sri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers day was celebrated at the Mitra Jyothi, HSR Layout centre, on 5th September 2018. The event was scheduled from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. All the student planned and prepared for the event in advance. All the staffs and teachers were invited. Founder and Manging Trustee Ms Madhu Singhal also graced the occasion. This was a very special and rewarding experience for all the teachers and staffs. Even the TCS ACTC batch students and trainers from TCS joined the event and the TCS trainers highlighted that it was totally a different experience for them – day away desk and targets. Students gave speech in three languages namely Kannada, English and hindi. They thanked the teachers for their able guidance and support.A few students also sang song in hindi and kannda and entertained everyone. One student played flute which made the occasion very joyful. Teachers participated in the two games organised by the students and that made the whole ambience very cheerful. Along with other teachers,Ms Madhu Singhal gave the speech. She encouraged the students by saying that learning if a lifelong process and one should learn from everyone and at every stages of life. Teachers were touched by the efforts taken by the students. They thanked students for the celebration. At the end, teachers and staff were given a wonderful ecofriendly (A plant) return gift.

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Mitra Jyothi is a registered trust (under Indian Trust Act) located at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka and has been working for people with disability in general and visually impaired in particular for the past 26 years.

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