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Movie date with audio description at Mitra Jyothi

A wonderful movie date was organised at Mitra Jyothi Auditorium on 8th Sept 2018 for visually impaired. Hindi movie “Hichki” was screened from 11:30am to 3:30 pm with a new age technology called ‘audio description’ of the movie.

Saksham is a Delhi based NGO which supports visually impaired. They audio described the movie and proposed us to showcase the movie on a trial basis. Audio description consists of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing what is happening on the screen during the natural pauses in the audio and sometimes even during dialogue if deemed necessary. Mr. Himanshu Sharma from Saksham briefed about the audio description before the start of the movie and how it will help the students to enjoy the movie. Mrs Madhu Singhal also spoke about the movie and its audio description. She said about the future plans of showcasing Kannada movie with audio description. Mr. L.N.Reddy translated both the speeches in kannada.

The movie date was attended by some 100 odd people including current students, ex-students, Teachers, staffs and volunteers along with their family members. Movie started at 11:30am. Tea, juice and snacks were served to all. During the interval a nice sumptuous meal was served to everyone. Movie resumed after the lunch break and got over at 3:30. Everyone enjoyed the movie. There were moments of laughter, applause and other emotional outbursts during the movie. After the show was over several people spoke about this initiative. They applauded the initiative and suggested many more events like this should follow. Films are an effective medium for both entertainment and information. Yet there is a section of society which is deprived of the enriching experience of cinema.

Mr Himanshu from Saksham introduced XLCinema App. It can be downloaded on both android and ios. It enables the user to watch any movie in the theatre with their headphones on. The audio description through the app will help them enjoy the movie. Two hindi movies Sholay and Sanju can be enjoyed in the movie hall. There are about 28 movies which has been audio described so far which can be showcased privately. Saksham plans to audio describe many more movies in future.

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