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Recent Awareness Building Events

Awareness Building is a continuous process which Mitra Jyothi takes on diligently and with determination! Here is a report of our recent Awareness Building events.

18 April 2018 --> As part of the Annual Finance Day Celebrations at HP, Mitra Jyothi Team was invited as a special guest to be part of "Prerana - Get Inspired", a session on creating awareness on "Mission for Vision" undertaken by the CSR group of HP. As part of this event, a special video was screened to build awareness about vision impairment. This was followed by an address by Ms. Madhu Singhal. She enthralled the audience and as inspirational speaker moved them to tears with the amazing journey of her life and that of Mitra Jyothi.

This was followed by a short but very impressive tabla recital with keyboard support by two of our trainees. Vinay. P played the tabla while Venu. S supported him on the keyboard. They are our computer trainees learning to use the computer through NVDA. Both of them studied at Ramana Maharshi School and have just completed their 2nd PUC exams with flying colours. They presented three small pieces demonstrating different taal in Hindustani music. They covered Teen Taal, Jap taal and Dhadhra. They finally concluded with a Keherva which is the beat followed for bhajans. Their rendition of “Raghupatiraghava Raja Ram” as the Keherva received a standing ovation. Next, we presented something very different. Amrut Gennur, our trainee and a student of 1 PUC and an ardent cricket fan presented a mimicry of some of his favorite players. He mimicked three different players for us, our Captain Ms. Dhoni, A.B. DE Villiers and Chris Gayle. The audience were totally impressed by the abilities of Amrut and the visually impaired community overall. We also set up our Information Kisosk and displayed various assistive devices, information brochures and the handicrafts made by our visually impaired girls from the Independent Living Skills program. This program was a grand success and we were personally congratulated by senior management team of HP from India and abroad.

16 May 2018 --> Ms. Madhu Singhal addressed 700 young bankers of Axis Bank as part of their orientation and induction training and spoke of the abilities of the differently abled despite the challenges they face. It was a wonderful awareness building session. She addressed the 700 youngsters as two groups taking up back to back sessions. Her energy is passion is addictive.

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Mitra Jyothi is a registered trust (under Indian Trust Act) located at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka and has been working for people with disability in general and visually impaired in particular for the past 26 years.

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