G. M Madhumati
From: Haveri district, Karnataka

Madhumati was born to Malleshappa and Nagaratha in Shimoga. She has two siblings, an elder sister who is married, and a younger brother. At the age of 18 she suffered an unfortunate accident where she fell from a building which resulted in her vision impairment. Further to her agony, she was disowned by her family for the most part.
She studied till standard four and due to economic constraints had to discontinue her studies and had to start working as a domestic help. Madhumati has undergone Mobility and RBTC training in NIB. She lived in a hostel in Davangere till she moved to Mitra Jyothi and enrolled in the Independent Living Skill (ILS) Training Program. After she successfully completed her ILS Training, the Job placement Cell at Mitra Jyothi sent her for an interview at Radhakrisha Garments, a garment factory located in Bangalore. She was selected and since January 2018 she is working for Radhakrishna Garments.

Furthermore Mitra Jyothi has provided her accommodation facility at its Centre for the Empowerment of Women with Disabilities in Electronic City, Bangalore. The centre is close to her place of work. She commutes by public transport and is now living her life as a confident & independent women who is able to take care of her own needs.

Dreams and Aspirations

Madhumati aspired to live an independent life by working in a small scale industry like the garment industry and to be economically independent. She has now reached that stage in her life and is currently very happy and satisfied with her achievement. Having been a destitute women, hers has been a very tough but successful journey to where she currently is.

Impact of Mitra Jyothi

Madhumati heard of Mitra Jyothi from her hostel-mates in Davanagere and her well-wishers. She acquired “Mobility” skills which is the most important life skill for a person with blindness with her ILS training at Mitra Jyothi. She also has learnt to cook, learnt the art of making baskets, mats and other such products and has improved her skill set. She is a confident young lady who has not lost hope but has kept trying. Having been a beneficiary of three of Mitra Jyothi’s programs and successfully graduating from one to another she is a true success story in all aspects. The ILS Program gave her the necessary Life skills, the Job Placement Cell facilitated her job-hunt and finally the CEWD has provided her a place where she can live in a clean and safe environment while she goes to work and becomes financially independent. She has been a true achiever and role model for other Mitra Jyothi beneficiaries. There has been a tremendous overall improvement in her personality as the programs have trained her in different ways and has brought about a total & successful transformation.

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